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Updated June 2nd, 2019 



6-2-19 New Kunekune Pigs at Amatus Acres! Stay tuned for a KK page coming soon!


Kentuckiana Cluster March 14-17

Rising Phoenix Azime Herif

Best of Opposite and Best of Winners Sunday for a 4 point major at his very first show!

Hope Hills Phoenix's Heart of Fire FDC Champion Bitch twice at her very first show!

A Bit About Us...

Hello everyone! My name's Cherie Miner. I'm a college student from Indiana who would love to share the joys of my farm with you! 


At Amatus Acres we raise multiple species.

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are the lifeblood of Amatus Acres. We strive to breed the best of the best, so this entails registration through the American Kennel Club, OFA hips and elbows clearance and PennHip testing (on some of our dogs), import bloodlines, champion lineage, puppy temperament testing and basic obedience training. We require incredible temperaments and great working behavior. Amatus Anatolians love their livestock and commit to staying near their herd, instead of guarding an ever-expanding territory. Our dogs kill possums, racoons and skunks regularly. We have seen coyotes and bobcats on our deer cameras and black bears sometimes come through our county, but all stay far away from our pastures! We breed our guardians for excellent conformation with substance and heavy bone so they are especially capable of defeating large predators. Our Anatolians also have calm, loving, and tolerant personalities.

Kunekunes at Amatus Acres are registered with the American Kunekune Pig Registry (AKPR). We breed for pigs with the conformation and size outlined in the AKPR Breed Standard, ensuring our meat pigs produce optimal cuts of meat, while round heads and short snouts assist grazing and handicap against rooting. We require breeding stock to be sturdy and comfortable ranging on large pastures, easy-keepers and great moms who produce large healthy litters. We also want our pigs mellow and agreeable, as all Kunekunes are!

Amatus Nigerian Dwarfs are ADGA registered. We breed for structural correctness, heavy milking, and "easy-keepers." I also like attending goat shows, to not only compare my goats with those of other breeders, but also to demonstrate that my goats are calm and well trained and can handle stress with ease. Our farm participates in ADGA Linear Appraisal and DHI 305.


Our History...

My mother grew up in Montana where her parents raised sheep, pigs, horses and various breeds of dogs, which gave her a lifelong love for farming and animals. My family started with chickens while we still lived in our neighborhood, before my parents purchased their 68-acre property in 2013. That summer our adventure with farming truly began, with four Nigerian dwarf goats and two Anatolian Shepherd Dogs. 

Summer of 2014, for my sixteenth birthday, we visited Chincoteague Island off the coast of Virginia, the location of the classic book Misty of Chincoteague and the home of Chincoteague Ponies. Every July the Saltwater Cowboys round up the ponies, who live on neighboring Assateague Island, and swim them to Chincoteague.


The World Famous Pony Swim is attended by over 40,000 people each year, and has been a tradition in Chincoteague for centuries. The purpose of the swim is to auction off the foals born each year, to keep the adult pony numbers below the maximum allotment of 150 and as a fundraiser for the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Dept, who owns the ponies. At the 2014 auction we purchased three fillies, our first Chincoteague Ponies. 

In December 2017 we added our first three Kunekune pigs. I first heard of Kunekunes in the late fall of 2012 but it took five years for my dreams to come true and these adorable little porcines to join our farm. Kunekune pigs originated in New Zealand and have been in the United States for little over 20 years. They are distinguishable by their short upturned snouts, colorful long hair, and two wattles called Piri piri. Kunekunes are an incredible breed of pig that grazes on pasture like sheep and doesn't root, making them the truest breed of pastured pork. Considered a "lard pig," all of a Kunekune's fat can be made into beautiful white lard with minimal pork flavor, equivalent to commercial leaf lard. Yet lard from a Kunekune is high in omega-3s from being pastured, making it supremely healthy. We are expecting our first Kunekune litters early spring 2019!

If you have read this far, thank you! I love sharing the story of my hobby farm. Amatus Acres is a work of love and I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to spend time with just some of God's amazing creatures. 

Have a wonderful day! God bless!

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