Hall Acres Athena's Two Aces

Sold 2016

Born: 4/6/2013

Gold with moonspots and white, blue eyes


Athena is a powerful little doe with solid conformation. Her first freshening udder was socked on- high and wide in the rear, with solid medial and smooth fore udder. I can't wait to see her second freshening this year. Athena really has been a diamond in the rough for us, as we bought her from rather unknown parentage in southern IN, yet she has so far matured into one of our best does. Though a limp might prevent her from being shown as much as I'd want, I hope to get her on milk test in the near future as I'm confident she'll earn her star.

Show History: Champion Nigerian Dwarf, Jefferson County Fairy 2015

Linear Appraisal:

2018: +EEE 88


Kidding Record: 2015, single buckling by Poseidon 

2nd freshening July 2016, 12 hr fill

Athena's sire, Tempting Willows Strocker Ace

Athena's dam, Sunnyside Acres Chloe

(this photo and above courtesy of Chelsea Hall)

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