Nigerian Dwarf Bucks

WildWind Farm Q The Boomer

DOB January 23, 2013

Flashy broken light chamoise

CH Old Mountain Farm Quentin Quinn *B x Wildwind Farm Zoey VEEV 88

Sooo excited to add an OMF Stag grandson to our herd! Too many notable relations to list here, click below to see his page and all of his amazing relatives! And Click on his parent's names to go to their pages at WildWind Farm website :)

Show History: none

Linear Appraisal:


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Dragonfly AV Toruk Makto

DOB April 23, 2017

Flashy broken chocolate buckskin


TX Twincreeks PKM Avatar x Dragonfly SOL Vireo 3*D EVVE 91

Baby picture courtesy of Dragonfly Farm!

Toruk is our gorgeous new Dragonfly buck. His dam Vireo notably appraised with "E" in shoulder assembly, rump and back legs, all structural areas we are working hard to improve in our herd. Toruk's sire Avatar has produced absolutely gorgeous daughters with incredible udders. Toruk Makto is the name given to James Sully by the Na'vi in the movie Avatar, when he tames the largest Archeopteryx-like birds (the toruk).

Show History: none

Linear Appraisal: none

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Fairlea Maurice Ravel

DOB February 12, 2019

Gold and white

Fairlea Apollo x GCH Fairlea Margereen 5*D, 5*M

EEEE 91 @ 4 yrs

Baby picture courtesy of Fairlea Farm.

I am so excited!! I have wanted a Fairlea Farm buck, in that classic gold color, for over three years, and what a buck he is! His dam finished her championship as a first freshener, is a 800 lb+ milker, and a fifth-generation champion! Her dam is my all-time favorite: GCH Fairlea Marguerite 4*D 4*M, 1000 lb+ milker, EEEE 91 @ 9 years old! His sire's dam is GCH Fairlea Amaryllis *D 2*M EVVE 91. "Morry" is gorgeously long and level like his dam, with amazing feet and legs. I have HUGE expectations for this little guy!!

Show History: none

Linear Appraisal: none

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Dragonfly GAR Charmant SOLD

DOB May 6, 2016

Black and white, POLLED

Dragonfly L Garibaldi x Flat Rocks Ella Enchanted AR/*M *D VEEE 90

Charmont is beautiful young buck out of a very nice Flat Rocks doe. He is SO dairy and angular. The last son of his dam Flat Rocks Ella Enchanted AR/*M *D, she stayed incredibly sound through the years, appraising VEEE 90 at nine years old! Monty's first doelings have done well in the show ring.

Show History: none

Linear Appraisal:

2018: +EV 84

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Tempting Willows Blue Poseidon SOLD

DOB July 26, 2011

Black and white random with blue eyes


   Little Tot's Estate Raising Kane x Big Blues Lily

Poseidon is the grandson of ARMCH Woodhaven Farm Luzifer Blue +B and SGCH/PGCH Little Tots Estate Abutilon 2*M. His full sister is PGCH Tempting Willows Ariel. Ariel’s daughter placed 13th at 2018 ADGA NATIONALS!! 

Poseidon's daughters have freshened in multiple herds with way improved, super capacious udders. His FF daughter this year out milked all my other does on her first milk test! Every doeling he's ever sired has had an improved mammary over their dam, especially in height and capacity.

Show History: none

Linear Appraisal: none

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