Sycamore Springs Clarabela Cow

Clara: Born 9/6/2013

Clara: Ahh, the little stinker. Clara is a doeling we bought Fall 2013 along with Daisy. Both does were purchased from the same farm, Sycamore Springs. Clara is a nice doe, with a lovely refined head, lean neck, good depth and width, and her back is adequately long and straight. Clara's head is very feminine and "dairy". Her brisket is well-extended and she has pretty straight legs and tight toes. Clara's grandsire Smokin' Gun is know for his especially straight and strong feet and legs, even at age 10. I would want to change her topline, if I could, and make it more level. Clara has a rather tempermental and uncooperative attitude, despite the fact that she is very friendly and will walk right up to. Becuase of that, she has been sold (Fall 2014), but one of her babies will be retained Spring 2015.

Clara's sire Rosasharn FS Pegasus *B *S E 90.5

(Photo courtesy Antiquity Oaks)

Clara's dam, Caprakoza SG Peeps

(Photo courtesy Sycamore Springs)

Peep's sire, CH/ PGCH Brush Creek Smokin' Gun

(Photo courtesy Caprakoza)

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