Nigerian Dwarf Does


Sycamore Springs Daisy Duck VEEV 89

DOB September 4, 2013

Buckskin, white poll, frosted ears, white spots


Dragonfly HLJ Remington *S x Dragonfly P Daffodil 2*D/*DD

Daisy is not only a beautiful doe, smoothly blended and lovely to look at, she is also the sweetest goat ever. Never pushy, she knows just what to do, is always eager to please, and really is one of my favorite does. She has probably the smoothest fore udder in the world, and incredible udder texture.

Show History: Res Grand Champion Nigerian Dwarf 2016 Jefferson County Fair, 3x 3rd

Linear Appraisal

2018: VEEV 89   

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Helmstead Minis FF Barbie Q​ 2*D/*DD

DOB December 12, 2012

Broken red

+B MCH/GCH/PGCH Kids Corral LL Fire Flame +S/+DS VG x Chinook Winds D Susie Q

A super stylish doe from Helmstead Minis that we are excited to have with us! (photos courtesy of Helmstead)

Show History: 1x RGCH, 3x 1st

Linear Appraisal:

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Fairland Farm BA Black Velvet 2x GCH

DOB February 28, 2014



Kaapio Acres Bankskia Ashbyi x Fairland Farm Stormy Weather

Velvet is a pretty little doe. Although when she first came to us she was crazy wild, regular milking and loving has turned her into one of our friendliest does! Velvet is always the first one out to be milked, she is quite opinionated. She jumped around like an unhandled junior at my first show with her, but amazingly still went RGCH and GCH in ring 2. She has been complimented for her gorgeous thin dairy skin, and has a tight snug udder with good medial and great teats and orfices.

Show History: 1x GCH Jr doe (2014), 1x GCH and 1x RGCH Sr. doe (2018, judges Katie Wolf and Cameron Jodlowski)  

Linear Appraisal

2018: +EEV 86

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Helmstead Minis REM CallMeMaybe

DOB September 4, 2015

Buckskin, white poll, frosted ears


Dragonfly HLJ Remington *S x Sinai Thunder T Love Letters 2*M/2*D V+EV 88

I am so excited to add Maybe, another Remington daughter and also a SG Kaapio Acres HH Redemption *M *DAR VEEE90, ADGA Elite Doe 2016 granddaughter! Yay!

Show History: n/a

Linear Appraisal


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Goodstock Ranch Northern Star

DOB June 6, 2016

Broken chocolate buckskin, frosting, blue eyes


Olson Acres ND Mombasa +EE 86 x Goodstock Ranch PB Isis VEE+ 87

So this is a really exciting addition for me- Northern Star is a Poseidon granddaughter on her dam's side, and her sire Mombasa's dam is SGCH/ARMCH/PGCH Lost Valley TB Dipp'n Dots 1*M *D VEEE90 :D I'm excited for this pretty girl, and it doesn't hurt she's in my favorite color with blue eyes to boot!

Show History: n/a

Linear Appraisal


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Amatus BP Wendy Darling

DOB April 21, 2018

Broken buckskin with frosting, blue eyes


Tempting Willows Blue Poseidon x Sycamore Springs Daisy Duck VEEV 89

I have waited SUCH a long time for this doeling! Went through three sets of twin ducklings with Daisy before she finally blessed me with this pretty daughter. Hoping Wendy will be worth the wait :) 


Show History: 1x 3rd

Linear Appraisal 

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Amatus CH Galaxy Minstrel

DOB June 15, 2018

Broken buckskin with frosting, blue eyes, polled


Dragonfly GAR Charmont x Hope Hills Heavenly Dove

Mini's dam Dove is named after the chocolate brand, which is labeled "Galaxy" in the United Kingdom. Galaxy minstrels are one of the candies they produce, very similar to a Hershey drop. 

Show History: n/a

Linear Appraisal:

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Nubian Does


Farm 51 Flipper (aka Queenie) +EVE 87

DOB April 11, 2010

Broken red chamoisee with roaning

Promised*LandT Skywalker x Farm 51 Frogger

Our only Nubian doe, Queenie, is our regal herd queen (hence her name) and was a gift from my grandma. Queenie is "my" goat, and she is the sweetest goat in the herd. She does have her quirks- at our 2015 4-H show (her first) she walked in the ring, stopped and wouldn't move, then promptly reared up and began dragging me around the ring. She came in 2nd her class. Enough said. But Queenie is still an exceptional goat, she consistently produces 2/3rds to a full gallon of milk through the year. She has a lovely shaped udder with wonderful tight atttachments, and is long, level and wide. 

Show History: none

Linear Appraisal 

2018: +EVE 87 at 8 yrs old!

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Amatus L Xena Warrior Princess

DOB April 21 2018

Flashy broken chamoise, moonspots


Saada XXL Laviathan *B x Farm 51 Flipper +EVE 87

Continuing my princess line out of Queen with a fierce princess name, indeed. A long, wide doe who stands on correct legs with a wide escutcheon. She and her sister were really weak when they were born and were partially bottle fed those first few days when they weren't strong enough to nurse. Because of that Xena is as sweet as can be. 

Show History: 

Linear Appraisal 

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Reference Does


Fairland Farm AR Equity


DOB February 18, 2015

Chocolate, white spots


Little Tots Estate Acer Rubrum *BFairland Farm 1 In A Million U

Equity's half sisters by Acer Rubrum include:

CH Fairland Farm AR Luck O the Irish 2018 ADGA NATIONALS 2ND place 4yr old

CH Little Tots Estate Hot Cider VEEE 91

CH Fairland Farm AR Polyphemus VVEV 88.

Equity is quite the bottle baby and a perfect example of why I dam raise ;) She is the first one to accost you when you enter the goat pen! She is an long doe, with an udder that milks consistently even under show travel stress. 

Show History: 1x RGCH Jr doe (2015), 2x 2nd 

Linear Appraisal 

2018: +EV+ 85

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Hope Hills Heavenly Dove


DOB April 15, 2016

Broken buckskin with blue eyes

Tempting Willows Blue Poseidon x Spring Clover Chocolate Dreamy

Dove is so precious. She is an incredibly dairy doe with gorgeous skin and a very capacious first freshening udder. Her attachments could use some work.

Show History: 3x 2nd

Linear Appraisal 

2018: +VV+ 84 (ff)

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