Diamond Acres Jazz Stole My Heart




Hips Good

Elbows Normal

Full time working


Jazz spring 2019

Jazz's first litter in 2015 by Tennessee Rebel Pride- 9 puppies, 4 boys and 5 girls!

Jazz 2018 with the pigs

DOB April 13 2013

Fawn with black mask

101 lbs at 4 years

Sire: Diamond Acres Thomas The Tank

Dam: Diamond Acres Dancer

AKC: WS43951701

OFA Hips: Good ANS-1803G28F-NOPI

OFA Elbows: Normal ANS-EL598F28-NOPI


Jazz was our very first Anatolian Shepherd for our Nigerian Dwarf goats here at our farm. I have to say, we could have done a whole lot worse. A natural guardian, Jazz still has the playfulness of a year old pup at 5 yrs old. She is a great producer, all of her puppies from her 2015 litter were of marked improvement, both in size, substance, and conformation. 

Jazz has gone from guarding goat kids, to kunekune boars, to our Chincoteague ponies (though Marshy thought the dog food was hers which made for some squabbling! Haha!) and she does wonderfully everywhere we put her. She is truly the foundation of our pack.


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