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Goat/Piglet Free Litter Reservations
Please read our Sales Policy before purchasing

If you are interested in our Nigerian Dwarf kids or Kunekune piglets for sale and want to reserve an unborn kid or piglet from a particular breeding, send me an email or text with your name, phone number and email, and choice. Once kids/piglets are on the ground they will be evaluated and those with reservations will be notified in the order received. You will have 48 hours to make your decision or we will move on to next in line. The price listed is locked in for reserved kids/piglets, but may be adjusted up or down for unreserved babies offered for sale. If you choose to purchase your reserved kid/piglet we require a 50% deposit within a week, in order to hold them for you until weaned. Bottle kids must be picked up between 2 and 4 weeks of age. Piglets will go home when weaned, around 7 to 8 weeks.

Nigerian Dwarf Pricing

All breeding prospect kids come named and registered, disbudded, tattooed, first and usually second CD/T shots, hooves trimmed, and loved. :) 

Bottle babies will come with a sheet detailing care they should receive.


Doe kids: $375 and up

Buck kids: $250 and up

Pet Wethers: $150


Kunekune Pricing

Registered Kunekune breeding piglets are given iron shots at birth if needed, and come vaccinated and microchipped.

Kunekune gilts: $600 and up

Kunekune boars: $500 and up 

Pets: $250 and up


Breedings and due dates are subject to change

Thanks for your interest in our animals!

See links for kidding schedules years 2016, 2018


Goat Kidding Schedule 2019

Updated March 7 2019
Click on the goat's name to go to their page
Click on the number of kids to see kid pictures

KuneKune Farrowing Schedule 2019 


Farrowed 5-2-19

Six piglets

Black/white double wattled breeding quality gilt "Damson"


Black/white single wattled breeding quality boar/pet barrow "Fuyu"


Brown/white double wattled pet barrow SOLD

Brown/white unwattled breeding quality gilt "Kiki"

Brown/white single wattled breeding quality gilt "Mirabelle"

Cream double wattled breeding quality gilt "Apricot" SOLD

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