Amatus Acres 

Seeking Animal Volunteers


Do you love animals or dream of having your own farm but don't have the resources to bring your dreams alive, or the time to commit to raising your own animals?

Amatus Acres is looking for animal-loving folks who would like to a part of our hobby farming adventure. We raise, breed and show Nigerian Dwarf Goats, rare miniature Kunekune Pigs, Anatolian Shepherds as livestock guardian dogs, and rare Chincoteague Ponies. 

There isn't a greater sight in the world then walking out to the barn in the crisp morning air to see a golden sunrise and a herd a smiling goats waiting for their hay while the ponies nicker for their grain. Nothing is better than a spring afternoon spent playing with Anatolian puppies after a long day at work. We would like to share the joys of a hobby farm with you!

All ages and all fitness levels are encouraged to apply! Take advantage of this unique opportunity to join a hobby farm and be a part of the joy of animal raising without an  economical commitment!

Volunteers can help with anything or everything: socializing puppies, grooming the ponies, haying the goats, giving shots or herbal dewormer, trimming hooves, milking goats, supervising the Anatolians in training, and more. 


If you are interested in a farm volunteer position please contact us!


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