This girl is just so beautiful

Hope Hills Phoenix's Heart of Fire


AKC Reg.


Hips Fair

Elbows Normal

AKC Farm Dog

Certified 2018

Full time working


Farm Dog Certified through AKC May 2018!

Phoenix getting some loving- she is such an absolute sweetheart!

DOB 4/1/2015

Fawn, black mask

30" at 3 yrs old, 110 lbs

Dam: Diamond Acres Jazz Stole My Heart

Sire: Tennesse Rebel Pride

Bred by Hope Hills (former farm name)

AKC Farm Dog Certified 2018

AKC: WS439998802

OFA Hips: Fair ANS-2023F37F-VPI

OFA Elbows: Normal ANS-EL781F37-VPI

CHIC#: 131204


Wow do we love this girl. Wowowow she is an amazing Anatolian Shepherd! She is an amazing dog across the board! 

This beautiful girl was born here, the pick of her litter. She lives free on our property of 68 acres, and protects everything and everyone here. She never runs off, is always here, always protecting. I’m always amazed at her and in awe of her guardian skills. 

Fall of 2017 was when we let her be free on our property. We only have about 5-7 acres actually fenced, and most are smaller paddocks for our Nigerian Dwarfs and Kunekunes which need smaller areas to live in. Letting Phoenix stay free on our property gives her the ability to patrol the woods and eliminate threats before they enter pastures containing our other Anatolians. Thanks to her we don’t see coyotes on the deer cameras, even far off on the edges of our acreage. We used to see a breeding pair of foxes on the top of our property where we hay. They are gone now too. :)

Phoenix has beautiful structure, she naturally stands square and correct. She has good bone for a female and is incredibly athletic. She can run, I'm sure, upwards of 30 mph in a sprint. She has great reach and is powerful and strong. She loves her farm and everyone on it and is a fierce protector, but still loves strangers and is comfortable leaving the farm. She really is the best of both worlds. 


Phoenix, 4-5 months old

Phoenix as a pup, around 6 wks old

Phoenix at 3 months

Phoenix at 6 months

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