Farm 51 Flipper "Queenie" +EVE 87

Born: 4/11/2010

Red chamoisee with white


Queenie is the doe my grandma gave me late summer of 2013. She has truly been a blessing in disguise. Not only does she have beautiful conformation and a beautiful udder, she has also been our #1 milk-producer (not a hard accomplishment in a herd of Nigies but still), giving nearly a gallon a day. Queenie is an "Old Style", very dairy Nubian. She is long, level, with incredibly straight front legs and tight toes. Her udder is lovely, with huge teats (sadly small orfices!) a well-defined msl, and good fore udder exstension. She is a pleasure to have and I wouldn't trade her for the world.

Show History: none

Linear Appraisal 

2018: +EVE 87 at 8 yrs old!


Kidding Record: 2012, quads by ?, 2013 buck/doe twins by Sky Shadows PLS Highland Chief (Nubian), 2014 twin bucklings by Poseidon, 2015 twin bucklings by Bambi the Ruler (mini nubian), 2016 twin doelings by Wingwood Farm Lucky Tarragon *B, 2018 twin doelings by Saada XXL Laviathan *B

Queenie's 4th freshening, August 2015, 12 hrs

5th freshening July 2016, 12 hrs

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