Fairland Farm BA Black Velvet 

Born: 2/28/2014



Velvet is a pretty little doe. Although when she first came to us she was crazy wild, regular milking and loving has turned her into one of our friendliest does! Velvet is always the first one out to be milked, she is quite opinionated. She jumped around like an unhandled junior at my first show with her, but amazingly still went RGCH and GCH in ring 2. She has been complimented for her gorgeous thin dairy skin, and has a tight snug udder with good medial and great teats and orfices.

Show History: 1x GCH Jr doe (2014), 1x GCH and 1x Res GCH Sr. doe (2018, judges Katie Wolf and Cameron Jodlowski)  

Linear Appraisal

2018: +EEV 86


Kidding Record: 2015 ? (Fairland Farm), 2016 triplets by Turtle, 2017 triplets by Poseidon

2nd freshening March 2016, 12 hrs

4th freshening June 2018, 12 hrs

Velvet's sire, Kaapio Acres MH Banskia Ashbyi (AGS classified 90.9) 

(photo courtesy Fairland Farm)

Velvet's paternal greatgrandam, CH/PGCH Kaapio Acres Callilily

(photo courtesy Resurrection Ridge Farm)

Velvet's other paternal greatgrandam, ARMCH Rosasharn's Buckwheat Honey 3*D, 3*M, EEEE 91, 2007 AGS National Champion Sr. Doe

(photos courtesy Rosasharn Farm)

Velvet's dam, Fairland Farm Stormy Weather (3 Sr GCHs and 3 Best Udders)

(photos courtesy Fairland Farm)

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